Textures 1sm
Textures, 40 x 50 inches, oil on canvas

Preparing for the Ball

The Peacock Kimono (34 x 40 inches)

(Detail from "The Peacock Kimono")

"My love affair with exotic textiles started when I was a young art student, with my mentor, Joseph Sheppard. His teaching was all about the "Old Masters"  of the 17th century. We were told to emulate artists like: Peter Paul Rubens, Rembrandt and van Dyck, as well as many of the great Italian masters like Michelangelo and Leonardo. It was while copying portraits in the National Gallery of Art in Washington that I became fascinated with their ability to capture the metallic glint of a button, or the intricate detail in the clothes worn by royalty, as they sat for their portraits. “From the very beginning of my career, I have tried to incorporate beautiful textiles of this sort whenever the opportunity arises." 

(Detail from "The Peacock Kimono")

"In keeping with the tradition of the Old Masters, I too, rely strictly on natural light to get my light effects. Whether it's a silver pitcher with peonies, or an old Japanese kimono, capturing the texture and light effects are crucial to the success of the piece. In The Peacock Kimono, I wanted to portray a young girl in a relaxing pose in a billowing and colorful "Uchikake," or a traditional Japanese wedding kimono. This particular kimono shows a repeating pattern of colorful peacocks, with very intricate embroidery, and even gold threads on the peacock feathers. The bright colored tangerine sash is to compliment the colors of the kimono and also show a little of the girl's waist in this otherwise shapeless and heavy cloak."  - Evan Wilson